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【tumi-isi(PLAIN)- 吉野杉】


關於 tumi-isitumi-isi ​來自日本奈良,每件平衡木體都是由奈良本地工藝師用上奈良縣100年歲的吉野杉木,逐顆以人手製成及上色。tumi-isi ​平衡木體不但在視覺上極具設計感觀效果,形態就像河川旁堆疊的小石春,每顆不盡相同,其形態會因每次你擺放的創造力、次序和選取而變化,也能隨著人的心情而有所不同,完成的作品禪意非常。


由於tumi-isi 平衡積木粒沒有特定擺放方式,其豐富的顏色及每顆粒不同的形態能創造很多不同的效果,絕對是與小孩或老人家一起共同創作,增加創造力及訓練視覺與平衡力的最佳伙伴。


關於包裝 : 利用積木剩餘的木屑製作緩衝保護材料,物盡其用不浪費。


數量 : 1盒5顆


獲獎經歷 : GOOD TOY 2018


海外有許多仿偽品,請認明積木底部 Designed by A4 的標誌




About tumi-isi

These objects provide an interactive and visual way to nourish your sense of balance and creativity. They are made from the woods of Yoshino Cedar and Yoshino Cypress and each block hand bevelled into geometrical asymmetry shapes by local artisans in Nara, Japan.


Each block is made with the finest 100-year wood and coated with natural paints. Please try your hand at building your own tumi-isi tower or bridge and discover your own balance.


Tumi-isi is for everyone, grownups might get more hooked.



Locally grown in the Yoshino region of Nara Prefecture where high quality of cedar and ctpress are famous for. Combining a beautiful grain, fine touch, light weight, and soft features, these are materials that have supported the quality lifestyle of Japanese people since long ago. From the procurement of the wood to the processing, coating, assembly, and inspection, this is “All made in Japan”, with every step carried out within Nara Prefecture.


From Hand to Hand

tumi-isi have a color that is hand painted using natural paint. You don’t have to worry about small children playing with them. Also, every block is individually processed and cut differently, made by craftsmen who spare no effort. We cherish this form and color born from hands, and from the hands that make to the hands that play, we want to be genuine with all “hands”.


Balance Sculpture

The light that is made from the many sides is like a sculpture. The simple shape and color have an outstanding compatibility with modern interiors. Please discover your own beautiful balance and decorate your own space. (A trick for looking beautiful is the “feeling of tension” !)



●SIZE : ABOUT 40mm〜90mm SQUARE

●PACKAGE SIZE : W240mm×H175mm×D80mm

●WEIGHT : ABOUT 500g-700g (1BOX)




Please contact us if you want to make the order:

產品查詢, 可與我們聯絡 : / (+852) 2882 1530


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tumi-isi(PLAIN)- 吉野杉 (新版本)

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