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*Production Lead Time around 4-6 weeks


石卷工房 Ishinomaki AA Desk  


Made from dimensional lumber, the AA DESK is the next step in the development of the AA STOOL series. The edges of the tabletop have been tapered so as to highlight the legs of the desk, which have inherited the iconic AA frame. Made of natural ingredients, the linoleum tabletop has a soft texture yet remains durable against dirt. It is easy to move around, making it a suitable personal desk.


AA DESK 是 AA STOOL 凳子系列的延伸代表作,由裁切成特定尺寸的木材製造而成。承傳石卷工房的 AA 系列,AA DESK 的桌面有道斜角,桌面呈錐形的角度,以突顯出底部的檯腳結構。桌面上的複合木層板由來自德國的 linoleum 製作而成,具有三款顏色供予選擇,不單止具有一種柔巧的設計感更可防塵。AA Desk 體質輕盈,可以隨處移動,特別適合作為自己的工作桌子。


Width = 890mm
Depth = 445mm
Height = 720mm




Made in Japan 日本製


Please contact us if you want to make the order:

如欲查詢或購買產品,請與我們聯絡 : / (+852) 2882 1530


*Welcome to contact us for more product information and delivery method.

**Orders may need a production lead time from 4 to 6 weeks, please contact us for more information.


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石卷工房 Ishinomaki Lab - AA Desk

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