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石卷工房 Ishinomaki DROP mini


全新的DROP mini 版是一個既美觀又實用的雨傘架,它是由 9 塊 2x2 的木條在鋼板上組裝而成。在 180x180mm 的空間裡,它能同時承托四把雨傘。平常家用的話,一個雨傘架已經足夠,若在公眾地方使用的話,同時放置 1-2 個亦十分足夠。當雨水接觸木塊時,更能徐徐釋放出西方紅雪松的樹木芳香氣。


大裝版 DROP Umbrella Stand



DROP mini is an umbrella stand made of 2x2 pieces of dimensional lumber affixed to a steel plate. A maximum of four umbrellas are able to be arranged in a compact manner within a space of 180x180mm.

DROP mini is smaller than DROP and like its little brother.It fits in a small entrance space.


Design : Naoki Terada

In 1994, Naoki Terada completed the diploma course of the Architectural Association School of Architecture (UK). Upon returning to Japan in 2003, he founded TERADADESIGN ARCHITECTS. In 2011, he established TERADA MOKEI and 15.0%. In 2018, he became the President and Representative Director of Inter Office Co., Ltd. and the Senior Vice President of Knoll Japan Co., Ltd.. He is also the recipient of many accolades, a plastic model aficionado, and prolific writer.


Width = 180mm
Depth = 180mm
Height = 300mm


Please contact us if you want to make the order:

如欲查詢或購買產品,請與我們聯絡 : / (+852) 2882 1530


*Welcome to contact us for more product information and delivery method.

**Orders may need a production lead time from 6 to 8 weeks, please contact us for more information.


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石卷工房 Ishinomaki DROP mini

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