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石卷工房 ISHINOMAKI KOALA DIY KIT 自製小樹熊 | HK$ 450 


This is a kit that is designed to form a koala stand by putting together solid wood pieces with wood glue. This can be used as a stand for a pen or smartphone. If a slender test tube is inserted, it can also serve as a small vase. You can also sand and paint the koala to create your own original ISHINOMAKI KOALA.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated toward habitat restoration and the care of wild animals affected in Australian bushfires.


石卷工房與 TORAFU Architects 攜手推出全新 DIY KIT 產品 - 石卷工房自製小樹熊 

自從石卷工房推出自製木小鳥 DIY KIT,一直都讓喜歡親手自製小家品的朋友喜愛!今年加入全新成員- 石卷工房自製小樹熊 這裡有和我一樣喜歡無尾熊的朋友嗎? 小樹熊除了可親手打磨至你喜歡的形狀,牠還是一個擁抱筆筆、smartphone 等等的有趣小家品。每個 DIY Kit 內均附有沙紙及膠水。你還可以塗繪顏色讓他成為一隻獨一無二的小樹熊。⁣

*此小樹熊DIY Kit 之部份收益將會捐贈至因為澳洲山火協助拯救動物的保護動物團體。⁣


Width = 110mm
Depth = 48mm
Height = 99mm




Made in Japan 日本製


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