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石卷工房 Ishinomaki Lab - EN TABLE | HK$ 9,800


Our ENDAI bench – perfect for the garden, alleyway, or veranda – has transformed into a table. Horizontal slits in the tabletop give off a light and airy impression. The round legs not only reduce the area that comes in contact with the ground, thus reducing wobbliness, but also making the table resistant to water damage from rain if used outside.


在同一個系列之中,ENDAI 長凳適合用於戶外花園、小巷和長廊之中;而 EN TABLE 作為系列的延伸家品,它桌面上的木板以空隙相隔,帶出一種輕盈、富有空氣感的質感。桌子木腳呈圓形狀,不僅可以減少與地面接觸的範圍,減省它晃動的可能之餘,更可以防止在戶外使用時因雨水侵蝕。


Width = 1,600mm

Depth = 700mm

Height = 720mm


Design : Taiji Fujimori


Made in Japan 日本製


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石卷工房 Ishinomaki Lab - EN TABLE

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