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石卷工房 Ishinomaki Lab - Stave Planter


The STAVE PLANTER was born from the unique strengths of the craftspeople at Ishinomaki as well as the material limitations of humble dimensional lumber. Through careful consideration of both parameters, the idea to create an enclosed volume by joining individual planks of wood slowly emerged. Drawing inspiration from coopered barrels, the STAVE PLANTER is comprised of identical boards that are arranged to create roughly cylindrical forms.


STAVE PLANTER 花盆不單止象徵著職人和工藝的力量,此設計更是由原木材的限制下應運而生。設計幾經考量之後在多方面之間取得平衡,既承托出木塊重疊後的空間感,而另一方面又可以托闊植物盆中的容量,這個由多塊劃一尺寸的木塊組合而成,簡單又帶有智慧的 STAVE PLANTER 設計便誕生了。這設計從歐式傳統木桶中取得靈感,由工整或一大小的木塊組裝而成,交疊出一個圓柱形狀的植物盆。


Width = 323mmDepth = 323mmHeight = 300mm


Design : Jonah Takagi


Made in Japan 日本製


Please contact us if you want to make the order:

如欲查詢或購買產品,請先與我們聯絡查詢貨到日期 : / (+852) 2882 1530


*Welcome to contact us for more product information and delivery date & method.

**Orders may need a production lead time from 6 to 8 weeks, please contact us for more information.


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石卷工房 Ishinomaki Lab - Stave Planter

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