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石卷工房 Ishinomaki Lab -  KOBO TABLE | HK$ 15,800


The KOBO TABLE was originally designed for “IRORI”, Ishinomaki’s first coworking space created after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The table shares a similar design and construction to the ISHINOMAKI BENCH and STOOL, complementing each other when used together. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, this sturdy and durable table can be found throughout the city of Ishinomaki, in places such as offices, bakeries, and local restaurants.

在 2011 年日本東北大地震之後,石卷工房為了建設一個共用的辦公室「IRORI」而設計了 KOBO TABLE。這張桌子繼承了 ISHINOMAKI BENCH 和 STOOL 的設計及結構,整個系列也可以一併使用。無論是室內或是室外,這張桌子亦可以放在多種處所使用,例如辦公室、麵包店,或是餐廳,功能上一應俱全。


Width = 1800mm

Depth =850(±5mm)mm

Height = 720mm


Design : Keiji Ashizawa


Made in Japan 日本製


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石卷工房 Ishinomaki Lab - KOBO TABLE

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