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Studio Arhoj  |  Handmade Lucky Mini Nisse (Red)

Studio Arhoj the Nisse is glazed to resemble a Julemandens hat ! IThey are so lovely !


Colour : Red


Size: 6.5 - 7.5 cm tall approximately


Directly import and handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark


Due to the handcrafted nature of Studio Arhoj’s products, each one is totally unique and therefore may differ slightly from images shown.


* 手造陶瓷作品每個均是陶藝師親手製作,獨一無二,每件作品都不盡相同,敬請留意。


Please contact us if you want to make the order:

產品查詢, 可與我們聯絡 : / (+852) 2882 1530


Follow us on IG: @objective_hk

Studio Arhoj | Lucky Mini Nisse (Red)

HK$120.00 Regular Price
HK$96.00Sale Price
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