Ghost Light - Candle holder 


Perfect for cold winter nights, the Ghost Light haunts your home while also brightening up dark corners. The little Ghost is hand cast and glazed in transparent porcelain and comes in its own printed cardboard box.


Please note: If this is intended for a child's room, please use an LED candle (建議使用LED蠟燭). Regular candles can make the product very hot. Both regular tea light candles and the larger 8 hour tea light candles fit in this item.



Measures about : 16 x 7cm


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Directly import and handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark




* 產品需遠離嬰兒及小童能觸及的地方,使用傳統蠟燭時可令產品表面溫度上升,敬請小心使用。

* 建議使用LED蠟燭。* 此產品並不包括蠟燭。






Studio Arhoj Ghost Light - Candle holder


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