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* 每個花瓶都只有一件,賣完即止。


Studio Arhoj Hana Vase Sakura - Tanzanite Horizon


The Hana Vase series is a collection of hand-cast and hand-glazed porcelain vessels, the name inspired by popular Japanese flowers.


Each Hana is a limited range of glaze colors created in-house specifically for this project. This new glaze universe is matte (non-reflective) with glossy speckles that almost sparkle in the light, creating a sensation of cold icy winter snow in the warm spring sun.


由日語花一字「Hana」,特別是受國民愛戴的櫻花之中取得靈感,Studio Arhoj丹麥陶瓷品牌的Hana Vase花瓶系列,無論是捏造或是塗上白瓷釉料的工序上均由陶藝師手造而成。


Hana Vase花瓶有大小兩款,外層的釉也下了特別工夫,在啞面釉上灑落亮麗的光釉,讓花瓶在陽光底下也閃爍起來,特別適合放在冬日暖光下,一個花瓶足以點亮一所房間。


Size: 14 x 6cm tall approximately


Directly import and handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark


Due to the handcrafted nature of Studio Arhoj’s products, each one is totally unique and therefore may differ slightly from images shown.


* 手造陶瓷作品每個均是陶藝師親手製作,獨一無二,每件作品都不盡相同,敬請留意。


Please contact us if you want to make the order:

產品查詢, 可與我們聯絡 : / (+852) 2882 1530


Enjoy free delivery to Hong Kong addresses on orders over HKD380

購物滿HKD380 即享免運費服務, 只限香港。


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Studio Arhoj Hana Vase Sakura - Tanzanite Horizon (Small)

HK$380.00 Regular Price
HK$100.00Sale Price
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