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石卷工房 FISH BOARD 魚形木切板 | HK$ 880


A cutting board in the shape of a fish. If you lean it upright with the tail at the bottom, water passes through and keeps it clean. By putting your finger through the round eye of the fish, it instantly transforms into a serving plate for cocktail parties.


這魚形形狀的木切板是你廚房或派對的的好幫手。只需將手指穿過魚的圓形眼睛,它即可以成為芝士盤或雞尾酒會的小食盤。另外,它也可是一塊魚形形狀的木切板,用後只需將魚尾垂直向下傾斜便能保持切板清潔。⁣這可以是送給朋友作入伙禮物的好選擇 !⁣ ⁣⁣


Width = 400mm
Depth = 136mm
Height = 16mm




Made in Japan 日本製


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石卷工房 Ishinomaki Lab - Fish Board 魚形木切板