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Meraki Organic Body Scrub - Apricot & RICE Body Scrub


This luscious scrub is laced with boosting, moisturising ingredients like aloe vera, cranberry extract, apricot seeds and rice. The scrub is certified organic and made with soap and when applied to the skin it will build into a rich, soft lather that adds an instantly soothing and comfortable feeling to the skin. The fine, exfoliating apricot seeds remove dull skin and cleanses it from impurities. It is perfect for any type of skin.


Simply apply the scrub, massage gently in circles and wash off the remaining product. 


*Certified Organic  


*Made in Denmark 


Volume 150 ml.


丹麥北歐Meraki 有機身體去角質露-《杏桃稻米》


來自丹麥的Meraki 有機稻米身體磨砂去角質露通過有機認證,成份加入了增強保濕的成份,能令肌膚柔軟而富有光澤。成份包括有機蘆薈、蔓越莓的萃取物和杏桃,而天然去角質磨砂則由大米負責。當塗在皮膚上時,它會形成豐富而柔軟的泡沫,為肌膚增添立即舒緩和舒適的感覺。優質的去角質的杏桃種子可去除暗沉的皮膚,並清除皮膚上多餘的雜質可輕柔又有效地潔淨皮膚同去除死皮並增強皮膚的自然光澤。Meraki 有機稻米身體磨砂去角質露適合所有皮膚類型。




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Meraki - 杏子稻米有機身體去角質露 | APRICOT & RICE Organic Body Scrub (150ml)

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