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Meraki Skincare is now available at Objective Hong Kong !


Meraki Organic Hand Soap - NORTHERN DAWN


Every home needs a caring and effective hand soap ! Let the hand soap be a decorative element in the decor of the bathroom, kitchen or laundy room. With Meraki’s certified organic hand soap, Northern dawn, you get a caring and moistening soap for the hands which contains extracts of carrots, parsley and organic aloe vera. The soap is suitable for all skin types and for daily uses and it leaves your hands pleasant-smelling. Pump a suitable amount of soap and foam the hands before rinsing them thoroughly with water. Keep yourself simple and aesthetic !


*Certified Organic


*Made in Denmark 


Volume 490 ml.


丹麥 Meraki北歐有機洗手液 - 《雪松木甜橙》


Meraki 北歐森林 (Northern Dawn) 洗手液成份含有胡蘿蔔 (carrot)、歐芹(parsley)及有機蘆薈提取物,適合各種肌膚,不含對人體有害的物質 Parabens、著色劑與任何會影響內分泌的添加物等使用 100% 有機認證的植物精油跟植物基底油脂。調子 : 新鮮香橙混合雪松木的中性氣息 丹麥製造的Meraki 有機洗手液超過 98% 以上是天然成份,原料皆 100% 天然植物提煉,不使用矽靈、著色劑等對人體有害物質。


* 丹麥製造


Please contact us if you want to make the order:

產品查詢, 可與我們聯絡 : / (+852) 2882 1530


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Meraki - 雪松木 Northern Dawn Organic Hand Soap | 丹麥有機洗手液 (490ml)

HK$450.00 Regular Price
HK$225.00Sale Price
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