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Swing Bin (Green & Walnut)


為何得到多個國際設計獎項的SWING BIN有如斯吸引力? 因為SWING BIN 的外型本身就具有一份雕塑感。驟眼看您可能不會注意到它是一個垃圾箱。帶有簡單圓柱形狀的Swing Bin看起來很classic,但是如果仔細觀察,您會發現它的真正獨特之處是它的對角線開口位經過削減,讓木蓋子可以輕易擺動和傾斜,再迅速閉合,不是電動,也沒有螺釘、齒輪或電線,它僅由兩部分組成,一個具有對角線切口的圓柱體和一個恰好適合的蓋子,這種輕微但精準的設計使每次掉垃圾時其蓋子能保持自然平衡。正是這個簡單的蓋子隱藏了一個神奇而又重要的元素,從而令Swing Bin 與眾不同。


您可以輕鬆地拆下和更換蓋子,我認為SWING BIN 比其他垃圾箱更容易清潔,一拆一洗一裝不費吹灰之力,相信在當下香港,一個容易清潔的垃圾箱是十分重要的。



“A waste bin nobody has ever seen” is the concept of SWING BIN. By eliminating as much of the unnecessary elements as possible, sculptural beauty was born. SWING BIN features the unique lid, which keeps its perfect balance and tilts without any mechanism.


*The lid can easily be removed. 


Designed by Shigeichiro Takeuchi
size: H440mm×Φ210mm (8L)
Made in Japan

* The lid is made of sliced natural wood veneer. Please understand that a little warpage could be caused by the change of temperature or humidity.
* Some unique natural pattern could appear on the sliced natural wood veneer. Especially hardmaple lid has various colors and patterns.


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Moheim Swing Bin (Green & Walnut)

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