Studio Arhoj’s Brick Series is an ongoing upcycling project using old bricks from Danish buildings. Some of them might be brittle as they're over 100 years old...

Studio Arhoj 磚系列是一個持續使用回收舊磚循環再用的設計項目,貫徹一直尊重環保、善用回收物循環再造的環保理念。此項目使用的是從丹麥舊建築物拆卸後挑選出來的的舊磚,經過加工後再被使用,每塊都有其獨特的性格和動態,非常有趣,其中一些可能是脆弱的,因為它們已經超過 100 歲...

每件都是獨一無二 ,沒有另一相同作品。

The low-fired sculpture makes a beautiful decorative piece for your desk, shelf or plant filled windowsill.

Please note: This is a one-off item.

Only one exists in this shape and form.

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Studio Arhoj - Brick Series No 645