Melted into form from massive chunks of sparkling glass the Crystal Blobs are distant cousins to our other figurines. The Blobs are made in our Copenhagen studio hot shop.

Important: Each Blob is handmade and varies in size and shape, no two are exactly alike! We pick randomly from the shelf when packing. Not actual classic lead containing "crystal glass".

Sizes may vary from 7-13 cm depending on the design.

丹麥手製玻璃泡泡海藍冰 - 每隻均由玻璃工藝師手造,沒有兩隻是相同的 🥰 藍色的玻璃泡泡像海浪拍岸的水泡,令人得愛不釋手。


Studio Arhoj - Bubbly Deep Wonder

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