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The Nomu Cup is an ongoing series of unique drinking vessels. Hand-thrown in different stoneware clays and stamped, hand-painted and glazed in unique ways.

Each cup is a canvas for visual ideas and a collaboration between the different craftsmen in the studio. No two cups are alike. Part of the Edo Series.

Nomu Cup 系列是非常有趣的且獨特的飲用陶瓷杯系列。 每隻都是由陶瓷工藝師手工製作,並以獨特的方式進行手繪和上釉。有趣的圖案讓人感到快樂輕鬆。

每個杯子都的圖案都像一塊創意畫布,也是工作室中不同工匠之間的合作。 沒有兩個杯子是一樣的,非常獨特有趣。

Approx. 10 x 8 cm, holds +/- 230ml.

Made to last a lifetime, handle with care.

One and the only one in the world.

Very exclusive.

Studio Arhoj - Illustrated Nomu Cup No.229

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