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TGC041 - Delicate Detergent with Orange Oil


TGC041 delicate detergent treats the cell structure of natural fabrics gently, it is specially adapted to be used on such materials as wool, silk, mohair, down and cashmere. It does not irritate and is ideal for hand-washing. Tangentgc's laundry care series is 100 % natural ingredients, bottled in bio-plastic.


【細心- 有機精緻衣物洗衣液】將潔淨身體衣物鞋履作為一件美好生活的儀式 珍愛呵護自己及所愛。添加甜橙精油配方能溫和有效清潔衣物並同時給予呵護保養,讓衣物質料呈現最佳狀態。適用於真絲、Cashmere、羊毛、羽絨等精緻衣物,當然也適用一般棉麻布料與寶寶衣物。全天然有機成份,通過歐盟 ECOCERT 有機認證。



300 ml.



TangentGC 衣物清潔系列,皆獲得 ECOCERT 歐盟有機認證,以天然的方式有效地延長衣物的壽命,為每一件衣物都找到最適合的護理方式,維持衣物原有的品質。在清潔衣物過程中呈現自然淡雅的氣息,洗淨後柔軟的觸感及微微飄散的清香,同時呵護衣物與身心。天然成份製成,不殘留化學物質,孕婦跟小孩都適用。



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TGC041 - Delicate Detergent 有機精緻衣物洗衣液


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