TULIP 淡淡鬱金香花香套裝|有機洗手沐浴液+有機身體護膚乳液

呵護你的最愛,這是送給挚愛的一份貼來自瑞典的有機套裝禮物 !



TANGENT GC 106 - Tulip Organic Soap

TGC106 tulip is a perfumed, organic soap — crafted with pure vegetable oils. Imagine if you will the freshly harvested bouquet: Still cool from outdoors, with close-fitting petals and watery stalks that make a slight squeaking sound when handled. This is our tulip perfume, floral yet cautious. As if it is keeping watch over its promise.


瑞典頂級潔膚有機洗手沐浴乳 - 《鬱金香》





Tangent GC 406 - Tulip Organic Body Lotion

TGC406 tulip is an organic, perfumed body lotion, with fine ingredients like shea butter, sun flower oil and witch hazel water which rejuvenates the skin; it reduces flaking and makes your skin supple. Used together with our range of body wash it forms a natural skin care system for the whole body.


瑞典有機身體護膚乳液 |鬱金香




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TULIP 淡淡鬱金香花香套裝|有機洗手沐浴液+有機身體護膚乳液


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