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Tumi-isi Rare Wood|Black Persimmon Kuro-gaki Edition 黑柿木盒裝版本稀有樹木「Kuro-gaki黑柿木」盒裝版本,於Objective x Tumi-isi Exhibition 亮相。珍貴的黑柿木特別之處,在於它如微焦的色調和獨特的木紋理與質感,當中的黑褐色部份隨著木紋幻化,帶有捲曲的雲紋,外型硬朗卻細緻,有著一種恰到好處的肅穆與瑰麗。以黑柿木切割而成的Tumi-isi 積木,如同將富有紋理的寶石捧在掌心,每顆各有特色,有些會像自然風化的石頭一般有著缺口,而另一些剛帶有獨特的漸變和層遞,每次堆疊都帶來不一樣的觀賞效果。


The Black Persimmon balancing block sets shares their unprecedented exposure.The “Kuro-gaki” Black Persimmon Edition stands out with its “burnt-like” texture with its inner darkness that swirls along the wood grains, composing a mixture of solemnity and magnificence like a natural masterpiece.The Tumi-isi made by Black Persimmon Wood are as if the raw gems in palms, which have their own outlooks and structures. Some of them might look like the century-old stone eroded by wind that has their own natural emptiness



Content: 1 box / 5

blocks (with drawstring)

Package: W137mm x H137mm x D65mm

Materials: Black Persimmon Wood

Origin: Japan (Nara)



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tumi-isi Rare Wood|Black Persimmon Kuro-gaki Edition 黑柿木

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HK$1,951.60Sale Price
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