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ZAKKIA Botanical Vase - Black


Made of powdercoated iron and handblown glass, this vase is ready for your windowsill. 

Growing plants from seedlings can be fiddly with poking seeds with toothpicks. Our Botanical vases make sure the process is no longer a hard one. Fill the vase with water up to just below the black shelf and your seed will sit perfectly inside. Can also be used as a structural vase for your flowers, too!


Size : 10cm ∅ x 15cm H

Colour : Glass bottle with black plate


我們很喜歡植物,在我們的工作室有很多不同種類的綠色植物,而在香港找一個較好看的水種植物器皿一直都是個難題。這是個澳洲設計,人手製的水種植物器皿,分黃銅及黑兩個顏色,個子不太大,放植物的位置有兩個用法,都適合放在家或辦公室,希望喜歡水種的你多一個選擇吧 ! :) 



As they are handmade product, colour and size will be slightly different on each product. 

All stoneware products are sold "as is". You are welcome to have a look of the product before you purchase, you can also do self-pick up at our Central office. Please understand that there is no refunds and exchange will be issued, that's mean your product is totally new. 


Australian Design | Handmade product 


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Zakkia - Botanical Vase (Black)

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