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AOIRO  is a studio for olfactory design, founded by Japanese - Austrian duo Shizuko Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig. Their expertise lies in the olfactory interpretation of concepts, transforming these into individually tailored signature scents and olfactory identities for both fragrance products and airdesign in space. 

Aoiro – The Color of Air 

AOIRO is the Japanese word for “the color of blue” (ao = blue, iro = color). The blue seen in the clear sky is the light gradient in the air, and it resonates with the approach of AOIRO to create air more communicative. Aoiro understands atmospheres as emotional qualities of space and a possibility to tailor unique encounters.

The Art of Listening to the Scent

During the creation process, AOIRO takes an unconventional approach that embodies the artistic journey of perfume creation as well as the knowledge of therapeutic qualities of botanical essences given by nature.

In pursuit of their unique scent creations, they work with the finest quality natural fragrance materials, which are carefully selected from specific parts of the world. 


In the last years, AOIRO worked on a diverse range of olfactory interpretations and its application as airdesign ­– for both permanent & temporary installations. They created unique scents and airdesign for renowned Flagship-Stores, Designhotels, Showroom and Exhibitions in Japan and Europe.  AOIRO is based in Berlin and Tokyo.

* Objective Hong Kong is proud to be the exclusive distrubor of AOIRO in Hong Kong. 

AOIRO 是一家氣味設計工作室,由來自日本的Shizuko Yoshikun及奧地利Manuel Kuschnig 同共創立。他們專長於對概念嗅覺的詮釋,將其對環境的概念轉化為香水產品和空間氣味設計的個性化香氣和嗅覺特性。


AOIRO – 空氣的顏色

AOIRO 是日語中 “藍色的顏色” 的意思(ao =藍色,iro =顏色)。

在晴朗的天空中所看到的藍色是空氣中的光梯度,它與AOIRO的方法產生了共鳴。 AOIRO將氣味理解為空間的情感特質,並相信是可以量身定制獨特性與人相遇。 從香氣藝術的創作過程中,AOIRO採用了一種非常規的方法,體現了香水創作的藝術過程以及對自然界賦予的植物精華帶來的治療功效的一種詮釋。 為了追求獨特而自然的香氣,他們使用最優質的天然香氣材料製作而成,這些材料都是從世界各地精心挑選的。 在過去幾年中,AOIRO從事了各種各樣的氣味詮釋,更為日本和歐洲著名的品牌、旗艦店,酒店、陳列室和展覽館創造了獨特的氣味和空氣設計。



*Objective Lifestyle Shop Hong Kong 有幸成為AOIRO香港獨家產品銷售點。

AOIRO   Hakudo 白土 | Hakudo rain 白土   

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