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Zakkia - an Australian brand that have a mission to make the world a more beautiful place through good design.

From the first collection in 2014, ZAKKIA made a promise to themselves that every ZAKKIA product would be carefully crafted – by hand. A handcrafted object is one to be loved and enjoyed over a lifetime, possibly generations. It is unique and irreplaceable. With that in mind we approach each design with the mindset of quality and longevity to create a special piece for you to love.

"A good object for daily use is another focus of objective. For homeware, we source items that come with good texture and shape to touch with & to interact with. The design should not be complicated, and we believe that a good piece of homeware can adapt to everyone’s daily life easily. We are to include Zakkia in our lifestyle store, I wish you can find something you like."

Emily - Founder of Objective 

Natural materials & clean shapes

The material of ZAKKIA products are made with soul within our designs. Their inspiration often comes from a material’s texture and thinking about using a material in a way that hasn’t been done before.  You will never find anything fussy about our designs.  ZAKKIA finds beauty in function and simplicity and they always try to design products that can be used in multiple ways in many rooms of your home.  They also think about how you might use their products together, for example, a candle sitting inside a tray – so they make sure that all of their products work seamlessly together or do just as well when they are on their own – the strength of their individual form, function and materiality are beautiful enough.

Zakkia Homewares

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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