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來自瑞典頂級護理品牌 TangentGC,以深厚的美學底蘊,糅和自然極簡的風格,訴說愛物惜物的情懷。 

以專業護理衣物起家的 Tangent Garment Care 成立於 2012 年,追求珍惜愛物的精神認為每一項物件都值得最細心的照料,藉此延長衣物的使用壽命喚醒人與物件之間值得長時間相伴,精神重於物質的生活信念,帶領人們回歸最樸實又單純的美好。堅持使用全天然、有機成分製造,不含添加物和螢光劑,溫和有效的洗淨衣物,更針對各種材質研發專用洗潔劑,將潔淨身體衣物鞋履作為一種美好的生活態度。


TangentGC 堅持使用有機成分,不含防腐劑、石化成分與螢光劑,打造天然生活保養產品。品牌更於2016年推出香水洗手沐浴乳系列,延伸跨足肌膚清潔保養,成為多元發展的生活方式品牌。

品牌以北歐獨有的生活哲學,用心過好生活,簡單而恬淡,藉此傳達惜物與自然共存的品牌精神,並堅信這才是善待事物與自然的最佳方式。品牌哲學是一種源於生活自然極簡的態度,以及愛物惜物的情懷。承襲北歐極簡與自然風格,產品囊括衣物與鞋履清潔保養,純粹的產品內容與簡單包裝設計,風靡全球各大選物店,如美國 J.CREW、日本 TOMORROW LAND、巴黎 CENTRE COMMERCIAL,並進駐全球 COS 店舖,得到大批喜愛北歐極簡風格又重視生活品味的人士喜愛。

「 與萬物共存,作為萬物之靈,我們其實有能力做好一點。 只要小心選擇,在護理你喜愛的衣物、延長其使用壽命的同時不用破壞環境是可以的。Tangent 的 laundry care series 是100 % natural ingredients, 整個瓶樽都是 bio-plastic 的。

I love Tangentgcs' products when I was visiting some lifestyle stores in the Nordic countries, I wish to include this meaningful garment care brand into my lifestyle store one day, and now, here we go ! I wish you like it as well. 


                                                                                            Emily - Founder, Objective 



創始人 David Samuelsson 從小看著祖父因為工作性質,經常使衣物沾染塵污,但由於祖父對所有衣服、鞋子視如珍寶般地小心呵護與清潔,隨著時光流逝,這些衣物非但沒有損耗,更顯出歷經長期使用後,所留下屬於自己的刻痕,如此深刻的兒時記憶,便成為 Tangent 創始的核心理念,保有極簡風格,簡潔、乾淨的視覺包裝,Tangent 以北歐獨有的生活哲學,用心過好生活,簡單而恬淡,藉此傳達惜物與自然共存的品牌精神,並堅信這才是善待事物與自然的最佳方式。

My grandfather, chimney sweep by profession, could sometimes come across as a bit coarse. He was, nonetheless, meticulous when it came to his wardrobe and dressed with a certain degree of elegance. He did not own many clothes, but the clothes he did have he knew how to care for. His Sunday best was brushed down after use and his collars starched. When out of his wingtips, he made sure to put shoetrees in them and followed this up with contemplative polishing.

Somewhere along the way we stopped caring ­– presumably when mass produced, cheap, and oftentimes deficient, clothing was introduced. Due to wear and tear the mere idea of garment care seemed distant. And this came to pass over the course of just one generation or two.

Nowadays though, when quality of fabric and pattern making – the passion for craftsmanship –­ is of interest once more, so is the need for proper care. In the light of this we are set to provide a superior range of garment care products, not emanating from the chemical industry or flung off conveyor belts, but products that will naturally and effectively give your garments a long life.   

David Samuelsson, Founder

Tangent Garment Care

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