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Moheim The beauty that never goes obsolete.  The universality that retains its novelty for decades, 

something that quietly stays there as it should be without excessive emphasis while showing its own individuality.

Moheim provides minimal design and practical tableware for day-to-day use. Their stoneware products has pleasing contrast dusty colour of sandy matte texture and glossy glazed finishing, they are all created by superior skills of local craftsmen in Vietnam. These Stoneware products can serve any drink or food to anyone in any occasion nicely, making your dining room bright and colorful as if eternal spring.

來自日本的家具品牌 Moheim 提供一系到實用且令人看起來感到愉悅的日常餐桌用具。產品均有啞光質感外層和光澤釉內層的效果,設計用上Dusty 顏色系容易配襯其他家品。產品均由越南工匠的精湛技藝打造而成。 適合隨時隨地盛載你喜歡的飲料或食物,使您的餐桌和家中增添明亮和諧的溫暖感。

Moheim Design | Homeware

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