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Peter Slight Ceramics 

Peter Slight makes tactile and quirky slip-casts that invite you to pick them up and enjoys playing with shapes and forms. The ceramics are all individually hand made by Peter near Worthing, in limited numbers and fired in small batches. 


After studying illustration at the University of Wolverhampton, and graduating in 2000, Peter produced freelance illustrations for a variety of clients. Before exhibiting his paper-cut pictures and mixed media models at museums and galleries across the UK.

He recently developed a passion for making ceramics. Which are now my main focus.
He is influenced by mid century modern design and inspired by the work of sculptors Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and ceramicist John Maltby.  

*Objective Lifestyle Shop is the exclusive point of sale in Hong Kong for Peter Slight.


Peter Slight 陶藝品牌來自英國Worthing小鎮。陶藝師專門手造這些富有質感而怪誕的小臉陶瓷裝飾,這些小臉僅由基本線條和形態捏成,每次只會少量生產,確保每一次製作的人像陶藝雕塑,都有自己的形態和情緒。每個陶瓷品時而看似時鐘、時而像塊麵包、有時則像一個穿著雨衣的孩子,奇特之餘更讓你會心微笑,每次觀看也像在突破自己的想像力。

陶藝師 Peter Slight 於Wolverhamptom University修讀繪畫,於2000年畢業後便開始了自己的繪畫及插畫工作。他的多媒體及剪紙創作等作品曾於英國多處畫廊及博物館展出。他目前醉心於陶藝創作,亦坦然分享他的創作靈感來源,包括世紀中期現代主義及數個雕塑家Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore及陶藝師John Maltby的作品。





*Objective Lifestyle Shop 為Peter Slight 於香港的獨家銷售點。

Photos by Studio Adjective 

Peter Slight Ceramics |  Handmade in UK

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