ISHINOMAKI BIRD KIT  - Make your own one 


It's a happy time to make your own wooden bird with your kids, for your friends and family now ! It's also a wonderful gift for your beloved one who like handmade stuff ! Creative !Creative !


This is a kit that designed to form a bird by putting together solid wood pieces with wood glue. After assembly, the head can be turned to create chirping sounds. You can also sand and paint the bird to create your own original Ishinomaki Bird. 



Width = 158mm
Depth = 38mm
Height = 188mm


Design : Torafu Architects 

Photo credit : Masaki Ogawa 


* Let's get start ! A compliementry masking type from Objective will be offered to the first 10 customers who purchased this product. 





能與孩子一起動手創作及完成一只木製小雀兒是件美好的事,送給喜愛木系的朋友作禮物也不錯。這小雀兒製作難度可隨著你的創意而增加,方頭的圓頭的;像真的充滿顏色的,簡單如用紙膠帶已有千變萬化的創作可能,高難度一些則可從打磨方面入手,創作一只形態利落的作品。DIY 從來都不是單一的創作,蘊含的是你的心機、時間,以及你與他/她一起創作快樂回憶。  


此DIY KIT 是由日本著名設計事務所 TORAFU ARCHITECTS設計,石卷工房生產。


*首10位購買此產品顧客可免費獲贈由 Objective 送出的紙膠帶乙卷,附盒內,不用等待,可以立即開始製作。




Terms & conditions

* 歡迎致電或電郵查詢 |Welcome to contact us for more product information and delivery method.

**禮品數量有限,紙膠帶款式恕不能選擇,送完即止|Gifts are limited and presetted, available only while stocks last. Should any disputes arise, the decision of Objective shall be final. 

*** 此商品無法國際配送,只送香港|Delivery within Hong Kong 

石卷工房自製木小鳥DIY工具盒  Ishinomaki Lab - Ishinomaki DIY Bird Kit


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