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*Production Lead Time around 4-6 weeks




The KOBO COFFEE TABLE has an eye-catching circular surface along with one wooden leg and two steel legs. Its combination of different materials and simple structure brings out its unique aspects. It can be combined with the KOBO SIDE STOOL as a set. 


KOBO COFFEE TABLE 擁有以德國的 linoleum 製成的圓形面板,配有特別的三腳結構,一把木腳以及兩根鋼腳,構成了設計極簡潔而有型俐落的外貌。而設計師將不同材質混合使用於設計之中,令整體的桌子結構滿有時代感更令人一見難忘。

這桌子也可以與KOBO SIDE STOOL配合一同使用,而面板則有三款顏色可供選擇。


Width = 420mm
Depth = 420mm
Height = 500mm


Material : Western red cedar, steel, oak, plywood, desktop linoleum 





Designed by Keiji Ashizawa 


Made in Japan 日本製


Please contact us if you want to make the order:

如欲查詢或購買產品,請與我們聯絡 : / (+852) 2882 1530


*Welcome to contact us for more product information and delivery method.

**Orders may need a production lead time from 4 to 6 weeks, please contact us for more information.

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石卷工房 Ishinomaki Lab - KOBO COFFEE TABLE

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